David Tennant is taking a double starring role as twin teachers at rival schools in “Nativity 2,” a sequel to Debbie Isitt’s 2009 U.K. hit comedy.

Pic, backed by U.K. distrib Entertainment One, started shooting Oct. 17 for six weeks in the English Midlands and North Wales. Like the first movie, the low-budget sequel is based around a school putting on a Christmas performance in competition with other schools. 

Tennant, best known for “Doctor Who,” plays a temp teacher who must lead a group of under-achieving kids in the national contest, while his golden-boy brother (also Tennant) leads the challenge from a posh rival school.

Written and directed by Isitt, the pic is produced by Nick Jones of Mirrorball Films, and co-financed by Premiere Picture and Media Pro Six.

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    Two David Tennants on one screen? For some crazy reason that sounds just the tiniest smidgen familiar…
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    I stopped reading after the ‘double starring role.’ I just thought, OH. GOD. ANOTHER SHOW WITH TWO TENNANTS!!!!
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    -dies- DOUBLE THE TENNANT DOUBLE THE FUN its like Journeys End with the two doctors….ONLY ITS AN ENTIRE MOVIE
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    ^ Same here.
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    THERE WILL BE TWO OF HIM. THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE MOVIE. Oh, the visions I am having right now…
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    Only thing my brain could register from this post: Double. The. Tennant.
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